A Guide to Dashboard Warning Lights for All Vehicles

Here is a great guide to recognizing your vehicle's warning lights. If you are confused about the meaning of any warning light, visit warninglights.net. Using the search box on our site, you can access the meanings of warning lights for all makes and models of vehicles.

What do the colors of warning lights mean?

Colors allow you to understand how serious the malfunction in your vehicle is at first glance.
  • Red Refers to faults that are important and need to be fixed immediately. It is not recommended to continue driving with such faults.
  • Yellow and Orange are at least as important as the red warning lights. Again, they identify important and serious malfunctions.
  • Green and Blue: Not important, sometimes used for informational purposes only.
You can search in detail according to the make and model of your vehicle, and you can reach all warning lights and their meanings by using the categories on our site.

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