HAMM Roller Warning Lights Meaning

This article will discuss the HAMM Roller Warning Lights on your dashboard. These warning lights are important because they can help prevent accidents and injuries. We will also discuss what you should do if you see one of these lights turn on while operating the machine.

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What Kind Of Vehicle is HAMM Tandem Roller?

What Kind Of Vehicle HAMM Tandem Roller
What Kind Of Vehicle is HAMM Tandem Roller?

HAMM AG is a German company that manufactures construction equipment. Their main products are compaction machines such as rollers and plate compactors. HAMM also offers various services, including repairs, parts, and rentals. The company was founded in 1878 and is headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

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What are HAMM Roller Warning Lights?

What are HAMM Roller Warning Lights
What are HAMM Roller Warning Lights?

The HAMM Roller Warning Lights are designed to provide visual warnings to operators of potential hazards while operating the machine. The lights are on the device’s rear and can be seen from the cab and ground level. The light patterns will change based on the hazard, and the operator must take appropriate action to avoid or mitigate the risk.

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HAMM Roller Warning Lights Colors

The HAMM Roller has several dashboard warning lights that indicate different conditions. The colors of the lights are essential to understand so that you can take the appropriate action.

The green light indicates that the engine is running and ready to use. The yellow light indicates an exemplary condition, such as low fuel or oil pressure. The red light indicates a more severe disease, such as an overheated engine, and requires immediate attention. If any lights are flashing, it means an even more urgent need.

What do Most Common HAMM Roller Warning lights mean?

What do Most Common HAMM Roller Warning lights mean
What do Most Common HAMM Roller Warning lights mean?

Several different warning lights may appear on the dashboard of a HAMM tandem roller. The most common ones are:

  • A red light that says “STOP” – means that the engine is overloading and needs to be shut off immediately.
  • A yellow light with an exclamation point means there is a problem with the brakes, and they need to be checked.
  • A yellow light with a car silhouette means that the vehicle’s oil level is low and needs to be topped off.

The article discusses the various dashboard warning lights that may be present on a HAMM tandem roller. If any of these lights are illuminated, it is essential to take action immediately to avoid potential damage or safety issues. The most important thing to do if any of these lights are inspired is to consult the operator’s manual for further instructions.

FAQs About HAMM Roller Warning Lights Meaning

Who makes HAMM roller?

HAMM AG, part of the WIRTGEN GROUP, is a global leader in rollers and soil compactors for asphalt construction and earthwork. With five central plants in Germany; local production facilities in Brazil, China, and India; and a worldwide sales and service network, HAMM AG provides superior solutions to customers worldwide. Their products are renowned for their quality engineering, robust design characteristics, and excellent customer support.

What is a HAMM roller?

HAMM offers a wide range of pneumatic tire rollers with an operating weight between 8 and 28 t (depending on ballasting). These machines are suitable for compaction in earthwork and asphalt construction, making them the perfect solution for all markets. The combination of their advanced technology and efficiency provides excellent results, making HAMM’s pneumatic tire rollers the first choice for many professionals.

What are the different types of roller HAMM?

This range of compaction equipment includes double vibration rollers (VV), rollers with combined vibration and oscillation drums (VO, VO-S), combination rollers (VT, VT-S, OT), plus ones with split drums for both vibration and oscillation drums (VV-S and VS-OS). These different types of machinery are designed to deliver the highest performance level in various soil conditions.

Which country company is Hamm?

Hamm AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of road rollers. Founded in Tirschenreuth, Germany, it has become a global leader in the construction equipment industry. With its extensive product portfolio and exceptional customer service, Hamm AG provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability while offering customized products tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

What do all the warning lights mean?

When a green or blue light is illuminated, it can be determined that the system is active. Conversely, orange and yellow lights indicate a need for servicing or repair. Although this requires attention, these warnings should not be treated with the same urgency as if red or flashing lights were present; in such cases, immediate action is necessary.

What does the light bulb indicator mean?

When the light bulb with an exclamation point icon is illuminated, it indicates to the Volkswagen that one of its exterior bulbs has burnt out. To ensure optimal performance and safety standards, a thorough inspection should be conducted on all exterior bulbs, and any defective ones should be replaced immediately.

What indicator light looks like a filling station?

When the low fuel warning is triggered, it’s best to start looking for a gas station immediately. Ignoring this light may result in running dangerously close to empty, which should be taken seriously.

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