Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide

The roaring engines and sleek design of the Harley-Davidson DYNA line bikes have captured the hearts of bike enthusiasts worldwide. This coveted collection boasts a variety of models, each with unique features and modifications.

The DYNA Super Glide vs. Wide Glide among these impressive bikes stands out as crowd favorites. Despite belonging to the same class, these two motorcycles exude distinct personalities that are evident at first glance. The Wide Glide commands attention with its wider raked-out front end, while the Super Glide boasts a narrower front end for a sharper look. However, this is not their only point of difference. To better understand these iconic bikes, let us compare the Harley-Davidson Super Glide and Wide Glide in depth.

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Comparison Chart – Harley-Davidson Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide

Super Glide Wide Glide
Narrower front end Wider front end
Louder than Wide Glide Quieter than Super Glide
Good mid controls Good forward controls
Vibrates less than Wide Glide Vibrates more than Super Glide
Looks classy Looks cooler

In-Depth Discussion – Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide:

In-Depth Discussion – Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide:
In-Depth Discussion – Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide:

The comparison chart provides a comprehensive overview of the specifications of the bikes. Further details can be gleaned by delving into the specifics.

Overall Design And Looks

It is often assumed that these two bikes are identical, but this is a common mistake many make. Upon first glance, the only noticeable difference between the two would be the wider front end of the Wide Glide and its uniquely designed handlebars. On the other hand, the Slide Glide boasts a more traditional Harley front end with narrower features.

Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that both bikes share many similarities in their body design. However, their shocks have slight variations – with those on the Wide Glide being slightly different. Overall, both models exude a sense of aesthetic appeal as they belong to Harley’s DYNA line and thus uphold high standards for visual appeal.

While both models offer impressive features, it should be noted that each caters to different riding preferences. The Super Glide offers exceptional mid controls, while those who prefer forward controls would be drawn to ride on the Wide Glide instead. With such distinct options, riders can choose according to their preference and enjoy an optimal riding experience.

Engine And Power

Harley DYNA is renowned for its exceptional power and performance across all models. Each DYNA bike boasts a high-powered engine designed to integrate with modern-day power booster technology seamlessly. With this in mind, riders can confidently expect enhanced speed and effortless handling while commanding the road on their Harley DYNA. Both the Wide Glide and Super Glide feature twin-cam engines that deliver impressive results; however, real users have noted that the Wide Glide offers slightly faster operation than the Super Glide.

Additionally, many riders find the Wide Glide easier and more comfortable. This observation brings us to our next critical aspect – thoroughly examining the performance of these two exceptional bikes.

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According to numerous first-hand accounts, Wide Glide surpasses Super Glide in performance. However, a careful examination reveals that this statement may not hold for every situation. A thorough analysis of the two models’ performance details will provide a more accurate understanding of which reigns supreme.

One notable distinction between Wide Glide and Super Glide is their handlebar size. With its larger handlebars, Wide Glide offers greater ease in maneuvering the bike. On the other hand, while Super Glide’s handlebars are comparatively smaller, they still allow for efficient handling. It should be noted that riders with a height of 5’6″ may find Super Glide to be a better fit, whereas those above 6’ would benefit from choosing Wide Glide due to its spaciousness.

Both models can navigate speed bumps without any major issues; however, some riders claim that Wide Glide has an advantage with smoother handling compared to Super G.

Sound And Vibration

One may notice a significant difference in vibration between the Wide Glide and Super Glide models. In various conversations, it has been noted by many riders that the Wide Glide tends to vibrate more than the Super Glide, which can be bothersome for some individuals. However, when riding the Super Glide, one may encounter louder sounds. It should be noted that this is not due to any malfunction or engine problem but rather a characteristic of the bike itself. Conversely, the sound produced by the Wide Glide is comparatively less pronounced.


At the current market value, the Harley DYNA Wide Glide commands a higher price than its counterpart, the Harley DYNA Super Glide. However, even without a direct comparison between the two bikes, it is evident that both come with a significant cost. This trend holds for all models in the renowned Harley DYNA line – each boasting premium features and a hefty price tag. This combination of top-notch quality and luxury pricing solidifies Harley-Davidson’s reputation as a highly sought-after brand in the motorcycle industry.

Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide – Which One To Choose?

Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide – Which One To Choose?
Super Glide Vs. Wide Glide – Which One To Choose?

When faced with the decision between two exceptional Harley DYNAs, making a choice can be challenging. Both bikes possess admirable qualities that make them stand out, leaving potential buyers in a dilemma. However, certain factors should be taken into consideration before settling on one.

For those seeking a visually appealing bike that offers great value and is suitable for daily use, the Harley Super Glide is undoubtedly the way to go. Its user-friendly features guarantee an excellent riding experience every time. Additionally, this bike is ideal for individuals of shorter stature due to its compact design.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a bike suited for constant touring and long-distance travel, look no further than the Harley Wide Glide. Not only does it provide ample space for taller riders, but it also boasts superior performance on extended rides. However, it comes at a higher price point compared to its counterpart, thus requiring buyers to have some extra cash set aside for their investment.

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Final Words

The conclusion of the comparison between Super Glide and Wide Glide has been reached. Prospective buyers now have the information to decide which option best fits their budget and meets their needs. With careful consideration, one can confidently select either model with confidence in its suitability for them.

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