Who Makes Autocraft Batteries

The batteries under the brand name AutoCraft have gained a reputation for being among the highest quality and most cost-effective options on the market. They are recognized for their ability to generate substantial power and extended lifespan, making them a popular choice among vehicle owners. However, many may need to learn who manufactures these exceptional batteries or where they are produced. Fortunately, this article will provide insight into those details and share other interesting facts about AutoCraft batteries.

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Who Makes Autocraft Batteries?

With a strong presence in both the American and global markets, there are only two leading manufacturers in the United States that cater to the needs of all consumers. Among them is Clarios, previously known as Johnson Controls, Inc., which stands behind the production of top-quality products under its Autocraft brand. With a reputation for excellence and reliability, Clarios has established itself as a key player in meeting consumer demands across various markets. Its commitment to consistently delivering high-quality products makes it an essential contributor to serving the ever-growing needs of consumers worldwide.

Where Are Autocraft Batteries Made?

Where Are Autocraft Batteries Made?
Where Are Autocraft Batteries Made?

With a global presence and extensive production capabilities, Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls, Inc.) boasts an impressive network of approximately 2000 production locations spanning six continents. This vast reach allows for efficient supply and distribution of high-quality batteries worldwide. In addition to these production facilities, Clarios/JCI also maintains manufacturing operations in key countries such as Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, China, Germany and Mexico. These strategically located facilities ensure the company’s ability to meet the demands of its customers across multiple industries with consistent quality and timely delivery.

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Are Autocraft Batteries Any Good?

Are Autocraft Batteries Any Good?
Are Autocraft Batteries Any Good?

One may find it challenging to determine the overall quality of a brand, as there can be variations in the best and worst products from the same label. Consumers’ satisfaction with a brand depends on their expectations and what is available within their product range. However, when evaluating Autocraft batteries, one can conclude that they are an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers. The gold and platinum series, in particular, stand out among other comparable brands.

Moreover, each Autocraft battery fulfills its promise, as stated by the manufacturer and brand on their labels or product specifications. This consistency between marketing claims and actual performance adds credibility to the reputation of Autocraft batteries. For this reason, consumers looking for reliable yet reasonably priced batteries will find Autocraft to be a worthy investment compared to other similar-grade brands on offer.

About The Manufacturer Of Autocraft Batteries:

The manufacturer of Autocraft batteries, Johnson Controls, has established itself as a leading player in the automotive industry. With over 136 years of experience, this American Irish-domiciled multinational conglomerate has been dedicated to providing top-quality products and services.

Founded in 1885 by Warren S. Johnson and a group of Milwaukee investors under Johnson Electronic Service Company, the company initially focused on finding innovative ways to harness and conserve energy resources. In 1974, it was rebranded as Johnson Controls, and its headquarters were relocated to Cork, Ireland.

Since then, Johnson Controls has primarily specialized in manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles. In 1978, they acquired Globe-Union battery company while divesting from Standard Electric Time Company, which was later sold to Faraday. Over the years, they have expanded their business through strategic acquisitions such as Ferro Manufacturing and Hoover Universal – both renowned companies in automotive seating.

While their primary focus remains on battery production and distribution worldwide, with approximately 2,000 locations across six continents according to 2019 reports, Johnson Controls also offers HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), fire protection systems, and other security equipment.

In January 2016, after merging with Tyco International, the company took on its current name -Johnson Controls International Plc. However, in May 2019, it reportedly sold its automotive battery business to Brookfield Business Partners. In light of this acquisition, the company underwent another rebranding and is now known as Clarios Battery Company under its new ownership.

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What Are The Types Of Autocraft Batteries Available?

What Are The Types Of Autocraft Batteries Available?  
What Are The Types Of Autocraft Batteries Available?

One can find a selection of four distinct types of vehicle batteries available from Autocraft, including:

  • AutoCraft Economy Batteries:

The batteries in question are renowned in the market as AutoCraft Automotive or Bronz batteries and come with a complimentary 12-month warranty for replacement. Considered the most cost-effective option among all Autocraft battery types, these batteries are designed with essential features that fulfill basic functionality requirements. However, due to their lower Amperage, Reserve Capacity, and lack of Cold Cranking Amperage, these batteries may not be suitable for larger engines or diesel vehicles. While Autocraft ensures that its economy battery lines meet industry standards, it is advised not to use them for high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Lexus.

  • AutoCraft Silver Batteries:

The AutoCraft Silver batteries have gained recognition as a reliable mid-tier option for vehicle owners looking for affordable pricing. With a design that meets the OEM replacement standards, these batteries can match the quality and specifications of stock batteries. While they do not feature PowerFrame technology, this should only hinder their performance in daily driving situations if used in larger vehicles or extreme weather conditions. As an added assurance, these batteries come with a 2-year free replacement warranty.

  • Autocraft Gold Batteries:

AutoCraft Gold Batteries have consistently ranked as one of the premier options for non-AGM batteries in the market. It is highly recommended among similar-grade brands due to its superior performance and reliability.

The AutoCraft Gold series boasts an unparalleled design that surpasses CCA requirements standards. With specifications almost identical to the Autocraft Platinum battery line, it offers exceptional quality at a 15% lower price point.

Equipped with PowerFrame positive grid technology and an impressive reserve capacity, these batteries can effortlessly power large engines even in harsh conditions. The extensive reserve capacity also prevents premature failure caused by excessive corrosion, ensuring long-lasting functionality for your vehicle. Additionally, its high reserve capacity allows you to listen to your favorite radio programs or music while parked with the engine turned off without worrying about draining the battery.

Trusted by many drivers, the Autocraft Gold series has a 3-year free replacement warranty for added peace of mind. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence – choose AutoCraft Gold Batteries for reliable and efficient performance on every drive.

  • AutoCraft Platinum AGM Batteries:

The premium product line of Autocraft, known as the AutoCraft Platinum AGM Batteries, has gained a reputation for being the most expensive among all Autocraft battery types. Despite its high price point, these batteries provide unparalleled performance and durability.

Exclusively designed with enhanced flexibility, unlimited mounting options, and increased strength, the Autocraft Platinum battery series goes above and beyond to meet or exceed CCA and CA standards. While they may not be budget-friendly for some consumers, these batteries specifically cater to individuals seeking top-notch performance and longevity for their off-road, aftermarket, or performance vehicles. To ensure customer satisfaction in their investment, Autocraft offers a generous 3-year free replacement warranty with each purchase of their Platinum series batteries.

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Where To Buy Autocraft Batteries?

One of the top battery brands in the market, Autocraft, was previously sold exclusively at Advance Auto Parts’s authorized retailer shops and online store. However, it has recently been announced that they will no longer carry Autocraft batteries. These high-quality batteries are only available at Autocraft’s authorized dealers and retailer shops. Additionally, customers can conveniently purchase them from Autocraft’s official online store or through popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

What Are The Best Autocraft Batteries?

The three most exceptional products Autocraft has to offer can be found below in their extensive product selection.

  • AutoCraft Platinum Battery
  • AutoCraft Gold Battery
  • AutoCraft Silver Battery

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Autocraft Batteries?

One can explore additional top-performing options such as Optima, Duralast gold series, EverStart, Excide AGM, ACDelco, DieHard, or Costco batteries when considering alternatives to AutoCraft batteries.

Final Thoughts

The renowned brand AutoCraft has built a strong reputation for offering top-quality vehicle batteries at an affordable price. Despite its widespread popularity, the manufacturer behind Autocraft batteries remains to be discovered by many individuals. In light of this, today’s article aims to shed light on the identity of the producer of all Autocraft batteries, which serves as a comprehensive guide in addressing any inquiries about the Autocraft battery brand.

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