Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters

Supertech is renowned for its high-quality oil filters that are used in the market. Since its inception, they have boasted a wide range of products that deliver excellent results. With an impressive track record and positive feedback from satisfied customers, SuperTech continues to be one of the leading brands when it comes to oil filters. This article answers any questions that may arise about who makes Supertech oil filters and provides additional information to help you make an informed decision.

Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters?

Supertech oil filters are a product of the USA, manufactured by Champion Labs. This collaborative effort with Walmart began when Wix allowed them legal rights to produce for the chain. The partnership between Wix and Walmart was mutually beneficial; Wix gained financial backing and increased exposure through marketing, while Walmart benefited from its expertise in oil filter production.

SuperTech has been made available at cost-effective prices and is marketed as providing top-tier quality performance in hopes of breaking into the oil filter industry. Clearly, this joint venture between two major companies was meant to impact the market for years to come.

Where Are Supertech Oil Filters Made?

Where Are Supertech Oil Filters Made
Where Are Supertech Oil Filters Made

SuperTech oil filters are proudly manufactured in the USA, across six different states. Champion Labs supplies them to Walmart and Wix, with their industrial facilities based in Illinois, South Carolina, and other locations. The black filter is made by Champion Labs, while the blue one is produced by Wix; the shell of both models is created in Texas. With multiple companies involved in the production, there are many facilities associated with Walmart for efficient manufacturing of SuperTech oil filters.

Are SuperTech Oil Filters Any Good?

SuperTech oil filters have long been in the market and are well-regarded. Despite not being the top product, it still provides a reliable service.

Prevent dirt and impurities from damaging engine oil:

This oil filter is designed to keep dirt and other contaminants from entering the engine oil, thus keeping it healthy. It’s important to note that in order for this filter to be effective, one must change engine oil every 5000-7000 miles. Champion Labs and Walmart have collaborated to improve the SuperTech oil filter to effectively screen out engine oil impurities, helping ensure maximum performance of the vehicle’s components.

High-performance filtering:

The Supertech oil filter offers exceptional performance due to its high-performance filtering media, which is designed to hold more dirt and build a 99 percent filtering efficiency. Constructed with various synthetic and natural fibers, the filters can perform optimally while reducing flow restrictions.

Additionally, an extreme center tube has been included in each filter for maximum strength and integrity, ensuring that engine oil enters the engine at the correct flow rate even under demanding 10,000-mile service intervals.

Quality ensuring:

SuperTech filters are produced by some of the most respected and renowned companies in the oil and filter industry. These manufacturers have a long history of providing quality products to their customers, making them some of the world’s top brands.

Many users report positive reviews about the product, praising its ability to protect engines from potential damage and perform better than other oil filters. Customers can trust that they are getting a quality product backed by reliable producers when they purchase SuperTech filters.

About The Manufacturer

Founded in 1939, Wix has been a part of the industry ever since. Initially focusing on cotton production, Wix soon realized the need for quality filters and established ties with other filter companies. Supertech oil filter is one such product that involves three different companies in its manufacturing process. The collaboration between Wix and these other two companies ensures optimal performance and reliability that customers can count on.

Established in 1955, Champion Labs Inc. has developed into a leading manufacturer of automotive filters, OEM, private label, and filter products over the past six decades. With an expansive network extending far beyond its beginnings as a small business, they have continued to grow and stay relevant through innovation and commitment to meeting customer needs. By consistently delivering quality products at competitive prices, Champion Laboratories has established itself as one of the top providers in the industry today.

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart has been providing customers with the lowest prices ever since. With its excellent performance throughout the years, it has expanded into various businesses, among which is the Supertech oil filter project. Walmart continues to serve its customers with dedication and commitment to providing a great shopping experience that meets their needs.

Supertech oil filters are manufactured by the company Supertech, which is a leader in the industry.

What Are The Types Of Supertech Oil Filter Available?

When it comes to automobile engines, a wide variety of oil filters are available. SuperTech oil filters are designed for different engine models and sizes, allowing customers to find the exact one that fits their needs. The availability of these variously sized and shaped oil filters ensures compatibility with all types of automobiles.

Where To Buy Supertech Oil Filter?

SuperTech oil filters are available exclusively from Walmart. The range of SuperTech filters can be found in any Walmart store, and there may also be some local automotive or filter shops that stock them too. Additionally, the filters are easily accessible online through sites like Amazon for convenience. These popular filters should easily have no trouble being found in your area.

What Are The Best Supertech Oil Filters?

Supertech oil filters are highly rated and come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for many different engines. The selection process can be simplified by selecting the appropriate size filter to match your car’s engine.

With such an extensive array of options available, finding the right Supertech oil filter for your vehicle should be easy:

1. St10575 Oil Filter

The ST10575 oil filter provides maximum protection for engines in all regards, allowing for a safe and reliable filtration of oil. It is engineered to withstand a 10,000-mile service interval due to its formidable structural strength, thus ensuring continued protection throughout long journeys. In short, it ensures that vehicles remain safe and running at peak performance levels.

2. St6607 Oil Filter

SuperTech st6607 oil filter is gaining a substantial amount of attention for its filtering efficiency, which is able to filter up to 99% of oil. Its massive capacity also allows it to hold more dirt than other similar products. This has made the SuperTech st6607 oil filter a trendy choice amongst people looking for reliable engine filtration solutions.

3. St9688 Oil Filter

The ST9688 model is the number one choice for peak performance and reliability. This steel-made product allows for extensive performance with great sustain and outcome and helps to cool down engine oil and stop soot particles from igniting it. It provides a reliable solution that ensures optimal results for any car’s engine.

What Are The Alternatives Of Supertech Oil Filters?

The oil filter market is highly competitive, with a variety of different products competing against SuperTech oil filters. Farm, for example, produces similar quality products at comparable prices. Additionally, OEM products have some advantages in certain engine types, but SuperTech has demonstrated superior performance in comparison to the competition.

Final Thoughts

SuperTech oil filters have been found to be quite beneficial for keeping engines running efficiently. Not only do they keep the oil fresh and clean, but they also extend the life of car engines. When looking for an oil filter, it is essential to remember that SuperTech makes a quality product that can help you get the most out of your engine. With this knowledge in hand, buyers can make informed decisions when purchasing their next oil filter from SuperTech.

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